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Our customized solutions are designed to meet your individual needs. Driving business for your company is our ultimate goal, as your solutions partner we are eager to share our capabilities but consciously take a minimalistic approach to our own marketing.

Project Management/ Consulting Support

Program management encompasses all phases of the project scope from pre-planning, budgeting and scheduling through design, ROI and final presentation. In our role as project owner's advocate/manager, we bring invaluable hands-on experience to the task of completing projects in the most productive, cost-efficient manner possible.

Business Case Development

Leveraging our outside experience and industry insight along with leveraging our strategic partners and internal data from your impacted lines of business and relevant sources across your company, we can make sure your organization executes a careful analysis. We then will advocate a decision which will drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth. With these insights we will develop, uncover and prioritize actions that drive efficiencies, growth and drive optimal business execution.

Implementation and Sequence Strategy

Once an effective strategy is devised careful implementation and staging will be vital to ensure a seamless transition. Understanding the current infrastructure, staffing and volumes consideration will be necessary to implement a specific mapping. Westwood’s Solutions Group Inc. will provide a roadmap and critical planning path to maximize activities while minimizing risk and customer impact.

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